Oct. 20th - 22nd
Altavista, VA
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Home Sites

Eagle Pointe Shores has a homesite for everyone and since no two pieces
of property are alike, we’re sure to have something to fit your lifestyle.  Whether you’re looking for the best views of the lake from the highest
vantage points where you’d gain access with the modern Incline Lift system or you’re looking for more gentle access to the water, it’s here. Whether you’re looking for the privacy of a park side homesite or the community of being on the main channel, we have it all, just waiting to be discovered. A special thing happens when you step onto the land and see your dream start to materialize for the first time. You start to see what your future holds and little rumblings of plans begin to show on your face –where you’re going to put the building site, how to maximize your view, maybe even the landscaping. It’s humbling to watch people realize their dreams and it happens almost every time someone walks onto this gorgeous terrain for the first time. Let us help you find your perfect homesite.




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